Blind Boy Spectacles: Gospel Session


Slušaj najglasnije!, 2015

  1. Why Me (Kristofferson)
  2. Little David (trad.)
  3. Where No Stands Alone (Lister)
  4. It Is Well With My Soul (Spafford-Bliss)
  5. Joshua (trad.)
  6. Steal Away (trad.)
  7. Hush (trad.)
  8. Riverside Blues (trad.)
  9. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (trad.)
  10. Ezekiel Saw The Wheel (trad.)
  11. Golden Stairs (Holt)
  12. In His Hands (trad.)

Posneto v živo v Ljubljani, dec. 2014
Arr.: Blind Boy Spectacles
Ovitek: Zigman Frod